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My name is Renee Sullivan, owner of ALA Services. I am an enthusiastic wife, mother of two, consultant, and entrepreneur. I love my family, and I enjoy music and theater.

With a positive mental attitude, the more I improve myself, the better I help my clients prosper. The more value I give, the better I serve others and receive in return.

I love challenges, and I thrive on helping others on their journey to an abundance of wealth, success and happiness.

I'm helping the entrepreneur, business owner, founder/co-founder, CEO of a company with less than 20 employees without an HR department, or solopreneur looking to hire their office professionals or virtual assistant. The company or business earnings have been consistently growing for at least a year, and they have a need to add to their administrative staff. My clients understand the value of outsourcing this task to a professional who knows exactly how to find the right professional to fit the company culture and save them time and money in the process.

My specialty is working with small business owners in the trades (especially the HVAC Industry) to help them minimize the amount of work they need to do to hire their ideal employee. I help them set up their hiring strategy, take the stress out of vetting applicants, interviewing them, checking references, and making recommendations. I give my clients access to resources, not only to get to the next level in their business, but also in improving their own self-development and discovering their personal strengths and areas to work on.

Because I have learned from my mentors who have succeeded before me, I am consulting with my clients to do the same.

If you have the true spirit of an entrepreneur, you are willing to learn and implement the skills taught, and if you are ready to hone the leadership skills necessary to grow your own successful business, then you have come to the right place.



Business Consultation

Providing timely expert assistance will help you to find the professionals and resources you need for your business.

Conducting Interviews

We handle everything - from creating job postings, collecting applicants, scheduling and conducting interviews, communicating progress and results, and submitting final recommendations of top candidates to the business owner.

Training and Transitioning

We train and transition your newly hired professionals. We have ongoing consultation with Business Owners for resources and/or future hiring needs.


During our work, we've helped dozens of businesses as well as private entrepreneurs. Our satisfied clients regularly share reviews about us. Go ahead and check our recent testimonials!

“Since I started using ALA Services, my clients are so happy with how efficiently I send them my invoices. One of the best business decisions I made was to start using ALA Services. Now I just call Renee. That’s why I have ALA!” ~ Nandy Ganesh – Owner of Nandy’s Cleaning Services

“When I had my consultation with ALA Services, I was put at ease. Renee exceeded my expectations with her efficiency in getting our first customer service representative. I was so pleased that I asked her to help me find an HVAC Installer.” ~ Tim Matatall – Owner of Precision Heating and Cooling

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